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Is FollicGuard suitable for both women and men?

Yes, FollicGuard's products aim to intensify promoting healthy hair at the follicle roots and is not at all gender specific. Suitable and just as effective for both women and men.

Are FollicGuard products suitable for sensitive skin?

FollicGuard products are created and tested to be suitable for the majority of skin types, even those with sensitive skin. However, please read product ingredients carefully and test them on a small surface (i.e on the back of your hand) before using the product as instructed.

This is especially true for High Nutrient Scalp Spray and Growth Activation Elixir as they contains Methyl Nicotinate, an ingredient designed to enhance nutrient absorption by vasodilating the skin to increase blood flow to the surface. Users may experience a 5-10 tingling sensation from this which is completely normal and wanted.

Note : If the tingling sensation is undesired, simply wash it out with cold water.

Are FollicGuard products safe to use if I have a medical condition?

FollicGuard is a topical treatment which is external to the body, it should not have any effect on most medical conditions. The active ingredient, Procapil, is botanical and backed by clinical trials, has no side-effects.

However, as this statement is broad in nature and medical conditions can vastly greatly, users are encouraged to do their own research on the ingredients provided on the labels and glossary page before usage.

Why should I choose FollicGuard over other popular brands?

You may have heard of the "big players" in the topical hair loss and hair growth industry which are commonly known as Minoxidil (trademark name Rogaine or Regaine), finasteride (trademark name Propecia) and Procapil.

In particular, Procapil is relatively new in comparison to others, best of all it is botanical and has even demonstrated in many cases superior results.

One of the key active ingredients FollicGuard uses is Procapil. Procapil has been proven with certified clinical trials with consistent positive results. Our team of industry experts and bespoke scientists, conduct research and trials over many years to come up with our formulae. Each and every ingredient is uniquely synthesised to work harmoniously to nurture an ideal result. We believe to truly improve beautiful hair and scalp. The solution must be 100% safe, no unwanted side effects, promotes faster natural growth, contains quality ingredients with no unnecessary synthetic additives, no fancy sales pitch, just carefully crafted products that works.

How evenly on my scalp do I need to apply the High Nutrient Spray and Growth Elixir?

Minimum at least every 3-4 cm apart. The formula is abosrbed into the skin and spreads approximately 3-4cm across the scalp tissue. This helps to achieve a wider reach of the formula even if it was not applied directly onto the area.

Does the scalp spray or growth elixir makes my hair oily if I used them as a leave-in treatment?

No, they will not. FollicGuard leave in products are formulated to be oil-free and non-oily.

Are your products cruelty-free?

100% animal cruelty-free. We do not test on animals.

What causes Hair Loss?

For both men and women, hair loss can be attributed to factors such as hormonal (i.e pregnancy, menopause), chemical (i.e chemotherapy), systemic (one small problem leads to another and another etc like dominos).

How does hair loss happen?

As you may already know some hair loss is attributed to dihydrotestosterone or DHT. When the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, which is found in the scalp, comes in contact with the hormone testosterone, DHT is formed. DHT then disrupts the normal operation of the hair follicles thereby causing hair loss. Alopecia is known to affect around 20% of men in their 20’s and increases 10% every decade, the reason why there are more balding men over 50. 1000’s of years ago, Hippocrates noticed that eunuchs never became bald, evidence that baldness was dependant on a specific male factor.

Now we know that testosterone produces DHT that literally eats away at the strength of a follicle

Because it’s androgen (male sex hormone) dependant, it why women are generally spared from complete baldness. Thinning is more predominant though due to disease, Stress, Peri-menopausal which can cause oestrogen levels to drop suddenly, creating build up of DHT, in turn increasing hair loss.

I am bald and have been for years...Is there a cure?

No, you cannot cure baldness, but where FollicGuard can assist is to slow down the process while you are still thinning and promote healthier growth of what is still left. FollicGuard helps lengthen the Anagen (growth) phase when the hair is growing and strengthen the bulb so it anchors more strongly. This in turn also lengthens the Telogen stage when the hair root begins to shrink ready to be expelled. A stronger bulb takes longer to shrink & be expelled thus hair stays in longer.

How do we do this?

1st - Slow the production of DHT which decays the hair follicle which stops/slows the hair loss

2nd - Increase circulation to the scalp so the nutritive arterial blood gets nutrients direct to the follicle bed

3rd – Increase and multiply new growth with necessary nutrients it needs, like fertilizer for the follicle

FollicGuard targets the known possible causes of hair loss - production of DHT and poor circulation of blood to the scalp leading to a slow progressive destruction of the follicle…with:

Aloe (Certified Organic) - for effective cellular renewal used as far back as ancient times. Promotes healing, soothes & protects.

Apigenin - A Flavonoid extract from citrus. Vasodilates blood for better circulation

Biotinyl Tripeptide-1 – Peptide carrying Vitamin H to help anchor the hair.

Jojoba Oil - contains proteins & minerals and a natural source of Vitamin E.

Methyl Nicotinate - extract of the vitamin niacin to massively increase vasodilation of the blood producing a “flushed” appearance

Oleanolic acid - extract of Olive tree leaves, inhibits DHT production

Rosemary Leaf extract - known antioxidant, neutralises free radicals

Saw Palmetto - also known to neutralise DHT

Stinging Nettle, Horse chestnut & Chamomile - Anti-inflammatory extracts

PLUS added:

Vitamins: A, B3, B5, C & E

For more information on our ingredient, please refer to our glossary page.

Will it guarantee me hair growth?

If there are any viable follicles left on your scalp then yes, we now know that FollicGuard will work on every viable follicle when used correctly. But this will not happen overnight…it took time for you to lose the hair and, as such, it will take time for these follicles to kick start again, hair to grow to the surface and then…keep growing.

Any of your follicles that are dormant or not strong enough for healthy hair growth…then this is where FollicGuard works its best. Like a plant pot whose soil has used up its nutrients and it then needs a fertiliser to help the root system of the plant in the pot, then FollicGuard is the fertiliser for the scalp…to feed the follicle with the nutrients it needs.

Like the plant growing in the pot, it is a gradual growth and you will not notice the gradual change because you look in the mirror every day. We suggest either take a photo at your start point as a reference point or if you have already started without taking the photo, go through some old photos to compare and then you will see the changes.

Do I have to use ALL the products or can I skip one or more?

FollicGuard works systemically ie: one helps the other that helps the next etc. for optimum health of the scalp.

Of the four main FollicGuard products, Regulating Scalp Shampoo, Herbal Mint Conditioner, High Nutrient Scalp Spray and Growth Activation Elixir…the Herbal Mint Conditioner would be the only product that could be eliminated entirely.

Herbal Mint Conditioner was formulated to protect the hair shaft that has already grown through to the surface and does not have any actives that assist in boosting hair follicle growth, and, as such, is the only one that could be eliminated entirely from the regime.

Of the rest of the products, depending on why you are using FollicGuard would depend on which products you have in your regime. Eg:

All over thinning –

Regulating Scalp Shampoo and High Nutrient Scalp Spray would be the absolute minimum you should be using and the spray would be daily all over the scalp on the thinning areas even if you don’t wash your hair daily.

All over thinning and patches of baldness (ie crown, receding hair line, hair extension spots) –

Regulating Scalp Shampoo, High Nutrient Scalp Spray and Follicle Boosting Serum is the regime you would need. The High Nutrient Scalp Spray daily all over the scalp on the thinning areas and the Growth Activation Elixir on the “patches” (challenge areas) for added boost daily, again, even if you don’t wash your hair daily,

The Regulating Scalp Shampoo prepares the scalp by removing dirt & product build up leaving the scalp in its natural acidic state. It also has a small amount of the vasodilatory active to mildly stimulate the scalp.

The Herbal Mint Conditioner protects the existing hair shaft as well as the newer growth.

The High Nutrient Scalp Spray begins the full process of vasodilation (increased circulation) of the blood to the follicle with the added benefit of Protein & Vitamin B5 for strengthening the shaft and Jojoba oil for shine.

The Growth Activation Elixir gives the highest boost of concentrated vitamins & minerals to literally “feed the follicle” just like watering a pot plant.

The vasodilated blood, as it settles back into the scalp, takes the nutrients into the hair follicle where they are needed.

If it is unbearable when you apply FollicGuard, then possibly you have used too much to what you are able to handle.

You can constrict the blood vessels faster by applying a cold compress on your scalp.

Will I have to use FollicGuard forever to maintain my hair?

If your problem is a continuing issue then yes, maybe…but if it’s say after the birth of a baby when Female hormone levels drop dramatically thus leaving an increase in Male hormone levels then you may only need it until hormone levels are rebalanced.

I believe I am only thinning with dormant follicles so when can I expect results?

Hair grows generally around 5-8 mm per month so if you believe your follicles are viable, by running your fingers lightly upwards from, say the top of your ears, you should be able to feel any new growth (like stubble) around 4 weeks if used correctly. FollicGuard will though still assist by strengthening your existing hair growth.

Should I be washing my hair every day?

For best results, yes as they work systemically together. Washing prepares the scalp better but you must at least use the High Nutrient Scalp Spray and Growth Activation Elixer (on the challenge areas) daily.

If you’re not washing daily and your follicles are still viable then you will still get results but, it will take longer as you will have daily build up on your scalp (eg: environmental, styling product build up etc)

What side effects are there if any?

As with any product range, it is deemed that the general population should not react (the real meaning of hypoallergenic) BUT if you have a specific allergy to one of the ingredients, then you should not use it.

A flushed appearance on the scalp is not generally an allergic reaction. This is generally the blood coming to the surface (vasodilation) to then take the nutrients into the follicle as it subsides.

If it is unbearable when you apply FollicGuard, then possibly you have used too much to what you are able to handle.

You can constrict the blood vessels faster by applying a cold compress on your scalp.

If I use styling products in my hair will this reduce the effects of FollicGuard?

There is no doubt that it could, especially if you are not washing your hair daily as most styling products on the market have wax and polymers in their ingredients. We are not saying not to use them at all but be careful when applying them and try & keep them off the scalp and use them on the hair itself only.

Do not over use them as it will only clog up the follicles making it more difficult for FollicGuard to work its best.

Can I still colour my hair?

Yes, of course. FollicGuard’s Regulating Scalp Shampoo is sulphate free and all good hairdressers know that a non sulphate shampoo holds your colour longer. FollicGuard’s Herbal Mint Conditioner is silicone free as well and again, good hairdressers know that your colour will take better without a silicone build up.


What is the delivery timeframe?

All of our delivery timeframes are estimates only as provided by Australia Post and may be affected by external factors beyond our control. Please allow 1-2 extra business day from the date of placing your order for your goods to be shipped.


Regular orders : 3-7 business days for delivery

Express orders : 1-3 business days for delivery


Regular orders : 8-14 business days for delivery

Express orders : 3-5 business days for delivery


To all other countries, the delivery timeframe is estimated to take between 15-20 business days. For a more accurate estimate, please refer to Australia Post' estimate calculator below:


All orders will be dispatched from our Sydney warehouse, located at Roseville NSW 2069.

Please note that delays may occur during holiday and peak periods or extreme weather conditions.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes - we do.

How does the 30 day money back guarantee works?

At FollicGuard, we want you to love your hair, so we only provide the highest quality ingredients in our hair care products.

If for any reason you find that you are not completely satisfied, you may return the product(s) within 30 days of receipt for a full refund of the purchase price (less shipping and handling fee). Refund will only be processed upon receipt of refund.

Please contact our support team at info@follicguard.com for refund processing.

Unfortunately, we cannot give any refunds on orders older than 30 days.


  +61 (02) 9882 6076


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