There are no words to describe the overwhelming joy and relief of delivering a new born safely into the world! It is well known of the sacrifices a mother makes to ensure that their new born is safe and healthy. 

Unfortunately, your hair is one of them. However, you're not alone, it is vastly common! Understanding just a bit on how childbirth can affect your hair can dramatically help you recover and regain your hair nutrient intake and regrowth.

Postpartum hair loss and thinning is a common problem among new mums affecting an average of 40% to 50 % of women. During the first three months postpartum you may experience drastic hair loss, this is normal especially if you experienced a high growth rate during pregnancy. By the 6th month, postpartum most women have their back to its normal growth cycle, but this period may be prolonged up to 12 months. However, if you feel that beyond 12months postpartum, you still have massive hair loss, it's time to see a hair trichologist.

What causes postpartum hair loss?

To understand the causes of dramatic hair loss after childbirth, it's important to consider what happens to the hair while pregnant. During pregnancy, one produces a lot of estrogen and progesterone hormone to maintain pregnancy. These hormones affect the hair growth cycle and cause the hair to remain in the growth stage for long with no hair shedding. Once you give birth, these hormones decrease hence the hair starts shedding. During pregnancy women also take folic tablets which are rich in iron which also have a great effect in making hair look healthier and voluminous. It is advisable to continue taking folic tablets postpartum to maintain high levels of iron in the blood which will have beneficial effects on the body including assisting in hair growth.

Hair loss can be stressful but the good news is that postpartum hair loss is temporal, there also exists remedies and hair products to help with hair thinning.

One such product is Procapil.

Procapil and hair thinning.

Procapil is a botanical hair solution made from natural ingredients found in citrus and olive trees. Some of the benefits derived from using Procapil include; strengthens the hair follicle, prevents hair loss, promotes hair growth, facilitates the communication of cells, prevents the effects of DHT, increases blood flow in the scalp which brings nutrients to the follicles leading to the strengthening of hair preventing hair thinning and hair loss. Procapil is beneficial to hair as it prevents hair loss and repairs damaged hair.  Breastfeeding mums intending to use this medicine should consult with a doctor first to rule out allergic reactions from Procapil. Although not common some people have reported headaches and an itchy scalp from using Procapil. If you experience these symptoms, please consult a doctor.

How to use Procapil

  • Apply a small amount of serum on dry on wet scalp preferably at night.
  • Gently massage the scalp for 1-2 minutes and leave the product overnight (can be rinsed in the morning or left in the hair as it is not greasy)
  • Desired results will start being visible in about 12 weeks.

Procapil based products by FollicGuard that will help heal and regrow your hair: