Procapil® is a relatively new scientific breakthrough patented formula. It is primarily a natural solution containing chemical extracts that can be found in olive and citrus trees.

This results driven formula is proven to strengthen hair growth by up to 125%, assist in greatly preventing the effects of DHT (a chemical that affects hair loss and is the primary cause of alopecia).

Procapil® used in conjunction with FollicGuard's formula also enhances blood flow in the scalp to nourish and strengthen the hair at its roots up.

In collaboration with our scientists and industry experts FollicGuard produced a treatment that harnesses the effects of Procapil® in combination with our own unique formula to produce a powerful treatment that protects and repairs follicles while leaving it looking healthier, stronger and more beautiful than ever.

Restore and maintain damaged dry hair with High Nutrient Scalp Spray

For more challenged thinning areas use extra strength treatment Growth Activation Elixir